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Installazione collettiva dal titolo – ” Madre Terra”

Ceramics, Paint, Photograpy, PaperArt, Video Installazioni

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Mother Earth 2019 is the title of the collective exhibition that was opened on Saturday 15 June at the Municipal Gallery in Via di Borgo, Barga Vecchia.

Old acquaintances and new faces presented their works inspired by the theme of nature.

Starting with Marco Poma, director and designer with an impressive curriculum, Barghigiano-Milanese who made conviviality and sharing the mission of his research. Leader member of Slow Art movement together with his friend Prof. Franco Migliaccio who is an active and incessant researcher of cultural experiences. Tam Tam No TV is the concrete example of this.

The idea of ​​the exhibition was born from the meeting, a year ago, with Katerina, founder of DamnTuscanCollettivo – ToscaniMaledetti – artists and craftsmen (Stefano Pilato, Raffaele De Rosa, Davide Caprilli, Massimiliano Benvenuti, Katerina, Gabriel Feld, Giacomo Saviozzi, Sara Vannucchi and Michele Stagni). While based on the aspects of knowledge handed down, the artists involved promote the growth and development of new visions of art, maintaining the aesthetic aspect of the main arts and attempting to merge it with the ethical aspect of life and respect for nature, through the idea of ​​a participatory and convivial art that researches and “weaves” links and reflections with the places through the universal language of art.

With the only focus “Can the arts all contribute to changing the world?” The movement is in line with many other groups scattered throughout Italy that are attempting on several fronts not only to respond to the crisis of the Italian curatorial scene, but above all they want to anticipate and proposing strategies for a decreased, conscious and non-consumerist nature of places, outside the contexts of tourism, hit and run, consumption-abuse of the common good: Nature.

These reflections are carried out on several fronts:

The photography of Sara Vannucchi, who after meeting Giacomo Saviozzi and viewing the collective’s archive, give birth to the “Abusive Opera” which was screened to follow “Atmosfere Barghigiane” by Marco Poma .

The ceramic installation “Liquid Society” by Katerina and The “MuralesMatericoMaterano, the traveling work that since 2015 has been crossing Italy exhibited in institutional spaces.

To complete the collective, last but not least, the pictorial works of Franco Migliaccio with urban visions and Michele Stagni that transforms nature, in the carnal body of the woman, with colours and emotions of pleasure and creative power.

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