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Luca Bacchetti – Secret World released today

this record is no longer mine! It is yours to fill with images and life - Luca Bacchetti

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At the beginning of 2018, Luca Bacchetti decamped for two weeks to a bungalow in Il Ciocco.

An area of exceptional natural beauty, he was joined by friends and musicians Stefano Onorati, Andrea Guzzoletti and Leo Di Angilla.

All Italian, their sole intention was to capture the ineffable feeling that had drawn Luca back to his native Tuscany.

This documentary filmed and directed by Alessandro Stefani, tells the story of his first album ‘SECRET WORLD’.

I’m so happy and excited to announce that my first album ‘Secret World’ is out NOW!!

So much has happened in the last two years, it’s been a real rollercoaster ride… This record is like a collection of photographs I want to show you, of stories to tell you, brimming with colours, flavours, faces, trips, places, tales, frustrations, joy, fear, delusion, doubt and certainty, happiness.

It strikes a pose and takes a stand, it’s about pleasure and pain, it’s about life in all its variety and, just like life itself, it’s also unpredictable.

Everything I do would be worthless if I weren’t able to share it with you, that much has always been very clear to me.

I recorded this album with the hope that it might accompany you throughout your day, be a soundtrack for a trip, music to cuddle up to in the evening, or lead you to dance in a light-hearted moment of freedom and leisure.

NOW this record is no longer mine! It is yours to fill with images and life – Luca Bacchetti

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