4000 images of the inhabitants of a small town called Barga in Tuscany, Italy

a visual document to celebrate the end of 1999

During the last months of 1999,  an artist,  Keane, has been documenting the faces of the people in the small town where he lives in Tuscany Italy . The town Barga has a population of around 10,000 scattered across quite a large area. He is hoping to document at least 4000 faces for an installation in the last weeks  of 1999. The installation will be in the form of  two computers running continuously  for 7 days  in various  parts of the town which will show the images one after another in very quick succession  ( 5 - 10 frames a second )  For strangers or tourists this will be viewed as just a series of faces but for the inhabitants of Barga most of the faces will be instantly recognizable even at this near subliminal speed , but there will not be time to think or say who they are before the next image arrives . It is hoped that the viewer will be left with a feeling of "knowing" or "belonging" but of being  somehow "distanced " or "displaced" by the inability to verbalize or share this experience with others.  The work could be read as a kind of  metaphor  for the condition we find ourselves  in our relationships with most other people at the end of this century.

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