These images were taken in Barga (LU) Italy recently. Close examination of these bikes will show the incredible likeness between these and the original 200 joensuu bicycles. Could it be that they really ARE some of the missing Finnish bikes?. There are now 3 reports of the desk of the head of police in Barga and the mayor of the town has this week ( 23 oct 1999 ) ordered an investigation into the whole affair.

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The inhabitants of Barga are saying nothing, but there was some hostility shown when the photographer tried to get closer to the bikes for a clearer look . Indeed, all questions about the identity of the owners of the bikes were met with blank looks and closed doors. The reporters, both with more than 3 decades experience behind them, were left in no doubt that here really was an authentic sighting but without concrete proof they had to leave the scene with empty hands.



March 2000

March 16th 5.15 pm
March 17th
March 19th 8.45 am
March 22nd 6,25 pm

 Strange things are happening in Barga (LU) Italy ....just take a look at the above images of a "yellow" bike. It has been chained up in the Giardino area of Barga for a couple of weeks, but it seems to change colour during the night . Look closely at the images it is the same bike, but somebody is painting it different colours during the hours of darkness. Watch this space for further details.


Date: August 4th 2000
Place: Florence Italy
Subject: The Yellow bike turns up in Capital city of Tuscany
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Thank you to Sergio Staino for sending us this image ( now where have we heard that name before? )

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