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Assassination's ominous message

Israeli minister’s killing a sign peace unlikely until land issue settled. East Jerusalem — The first Israeli government minister to be killed by Palestinian assassins died here yesterday on violently contested land that he had built a political career defending. A fierce advocate of Jewish settlement in the occupied territories of the West Bank and […]


Bin Laden operative faces trial in Jordan

Suspect in terrorism born in Central ValleyAmman, Jordan — A California-born alleged operative of Osama bin Laden was formally charged with terrorist activities yesterday in a trial that opened amid intense security and dissolved in pandemonium. The case against Raed Hijazi, 33, who once attended California State University at Sacramento, is the first to contain […]


Elusive Peace – Hope glimmers amid bitter reality

ISRAEL: Two peoples, one dream Tel Aviv — As the terrible year of 2001 wanes, conventional politics offers little hope for peace in the Middle East. But conventional political wisdom is fallible. It failed to predict the Islamic revolution in Iran or the collapse of the Berlin Wall — monumental events that were forged in […]


Checkered pasts, current extremism trap Arafat, Sharon

Jerusalem — For three decades, Yasser Arafat has been synonymous with the Palestinian struggle against Israel. Throughout that time, Ariel Sharon has been his most relentless foe. The future of that struggle — unavoidably bound up with America’s war on terrorism — may now rest on a single momentous question: Can both men escape the […]


Chalk up another potential victim of terror: Globalization

BEFORE & AFTER PARIS — It was commonplace, in the first aftershock of the terrorist strikes on New York and Washington, D.C., to assert that the world would never be the same again. As the grim year of 2001 moves into its final days, we are only beginning to grasp what that means. The attack […]


The high price of disengagement – 09/13/2001

Paris — At 8:45 a.m. on a brilliantly clear Tuesday morning in New York, a fatal combination of history, ignorance and power caught up with America. Thousands have probably died as a result. What remains to be seen is whether the same combination will now prove fatal to thousands more. Unprecedented power has brought the […]

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