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Roast chestnuts as the cold weather bites

Last month one of the great characters of Barga Vecchia, Natale Bertolini celebrated his 80th birthday. (article here) Since that day he has been talking about preparing some roast chestnuts for all the regulars in Aristo’s baras a kind of thank you for the party that was organised to celebrate his 80 years on the […]


Shrinking sunlight in the piazzas of Barga Vecchia

As we move into the second fortnight in October the seasons changes start to become steadily more apparent in and around Barga. On the mountainside around the city the trees are gradually moving through the scales of colours from green through to red (check out Daily Images from last week) In the city itself the […]


More Cheese Rolling in Barga Vecchia

As we already reported last month (article here) – as the winter approaches it is the time of year for the Traditional Cheese Rolling in Barga Vecchia. Forget about the dangers of bull running in Pamplona in Spain, for the unprepared visitor to Barga, there is far more risk of being damaged  by a fast […]


Natale celebrates 80 years on the planet

One of the great characters of Barga Vecchia celebrated his birthday yesterday. Natale Bertolini is now the proud owner of no less than 80 candles on his birthday cake. He was joined at Aristo’s bar in Barga Vecchia by a number of his friends who helped him keep the blues away with some rowdy songs, […]


Tango at Aristos Bar in Barga Vecchia

A sleepy afternoon in Barga Vecchia. A few people sitting in the shade outside of Aristodemo’s bar watching some of the visitors to Barga wandering around in the piazza. A perfect July afternoon – warm with a gentle breeze to kep the temperature down to a liveable level….and then in the space of two minutes […]


National Saving Energy Day celebrated in style

Today the 16th February is National Saving Energy Day in Italy where people trying out various systems that visibly show that they are attempting to save energy. This evening the lights that normally illuminate many national monuments in Rome and Milano will be switched off to “highlight” this attempt at saving energy on a large […]

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