barga jazz club


Matteo Becucci Quintet at Barga Jazz Club

   Matteo Becucci Quintet Well known as the Mr. Pitiful Soul Band lead singer, Matteo Becucci from Livorno this time confront himself with the Jazz & Soul atmospheres with his crystalline voice. Matteo Becucci – vocals | Simone Venturi – piano | Mirco Capecchi – double bass | Alessandro Rizzardi – t. sax | Daniele […]


Moraldo Marcheschi at Barga Jazz Club

Fine Jazz at the Barga Jazz Club: Moraldo Marcheschi and his sax returned to play at the Barga Jazz Club this evening Moraldo Marcheschi was the “Luca Flores Award” ’s winner during Barga Jazz 2005 On stage this evening with him were Simone Venturi on piano, Luca Franchini on double bass and Piero Orsi on […]


Domenico Caliri at Barga Jazz Club

Just yesterday there was one of those wonderful discussions which erupt out of nowhere in Aristo's bar concerning creativity. What started the ball rolling was a person who works backstage in the theatre and who feels a strong dividing line between actors, front of stage – "the creatives" and those who work backstage – "the […]

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