daily images


Anita Rizzardi makes her late entry

The couple Alessandro Rizzardi and Cinzia Lenzarini  both featured on Daily Images last week and as you can see from that image Cinzia was in the last stages of her pregnancy. In fact when that images was taken her time was already up but their child has no intention of making her appearance just yet. […]


Puppies, puppies and yet more puppies

Back in May of last year O’ Connor, the barganews award winning photographer, featured a close up image of a dog on the streets of Barga. The dog Miro was looking inquisitively into the lens, and therefore right directly at us the viewers with one brown eye and the other bright blue. At the start […]


Daily Images 2007

The barganews award winning photographer O'Connor has been quietly posting up a small image each and every day onto his site. The images form part on an ongoing project of his called Daily Images. Now in its fourth year, the Daily Images project is his attempt to document by using images and not words just […]