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2002 The Decaying Site Project
2002 Work in Progress
2001 barga public toilet project
2001 Blowing up Bin Laden
2000 I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-a-cream
2000 200 Yellow Bicycles of Joensuu Finland
2000 "tragica fine di Superbi Vascelli" Livorno Italy
1999 Body Parts an artists at work installation destroyed by ignorance
1999 The Barga Faces Project 4000 faces of the people of a small city in Italy
1999 Oma Maa Mansikka Muu Maa Mustikka
1998 Packets sound poem Japan and Italy
1998 The Death of Paper Finland
1997 CUSEEMESEX safe sex on the net
1995 T.V 20 television destroyed
1994 The Car mobile e-mail address
1993 Window on Gallicano (artists at work)
1992 Umbrellas

Paintings from China pastels from Nanjing

1988 Pantelleria
1985 Fosciandora 7 years work painting lanscapes in a small village in Tuscany, Italy





doggybag is married to painter and poet Tiziana Fontana. They live in Tuscany Italy with 3 children and one large dog
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Born in England 1956
1978-1983 B.A (hons) Fine Art, Stourbridge Art College England
1983-1984 Toured Europe with own street theatre "Lord Lucan's Travelling Box"
Since 1985 Living and working in Italy as a painter
1991 Elected member of Fine Art Society, Florence Italy
1992 With Fabrizio Da Prato and Tiziana Fontana formed "Artists at Work



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Giovanni Pascoli 1855-1912 I Canti di Castelvecchio - complete text (In Italiano)

Osteria Angelio peek in at the people eating in the osteria . What does a plate of farro look like ? The Osteria Web Cam reveals all. ( in English, Italiano)

Low Resolution Poetry
Tiziana Fontana is the only artist in Barga using this almost invisble form of poetry ( In Italiano )

2000 winner: OSTERIA ANGELIO





osteria angelio - food/wine
opera barga - opera festival
barga jazz - live jazz festival
casa cordati - art - music
barga fc - football



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