Born in England 1956
1978-1983 B.A (hons) Fine Art, Stourbridge Art College England
1983-1984 Toured Europe with own street theatre "Lord Lucan's Travelling Box"
Since 1985 Living and working in Italy as a painter
1991 Elected member of Fine Art Society, Florence Italy
1992 With Fabrizio Da Prato and Tiziana Fontana formed "Artists at Work

 1982  Dudley Art Gallery, Dudley  England
 1983  Bournville Painters, Bournville  England
 1984*  Gallery, Aix en Provence  France
 1988*  Sala ex Archivio, Castelnuovo Garfagnana  Italy
 1989*  Pantelleria, Trapani  Italy
 1990*  Fine Art University, Nanjing  China
 1991*  Italian Trade Centre, London  England
 1992  Casa di Dante, Florence  Italy
 1993*  Palazzo della Cultura, Latina  Italy
 1994  Cardoso Art, Cardoso  Italy
 1995  Hijack Artvertising, Dublin/London/Milano/New York  USA
 1996  Hijack Artvertising, Colman Fine Art, London  England
 1996  Terre d'Acqua Biennale, Vercelli  Italy
 1996  Terra d'Acqua, Treviso  Italy
1996   G7 Group, Sternen, Fluelen  Switzerland
 1997  Altsadthalle, Zug  Switzerland
 1997  Salle des Voutes, Cassis  France
 1998* Varkaus Art Museum, Varkaus,  Finland
 1999 Joensuu, River Art  Finland
 1999 "Candy Factory" Yokohoma Kanagawa  Japan
 2000  Sottopassaggio73, Livorno  Italy
 2001*  public toilet project  Italy
* one person exhibitions

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