SILVANO TOGNERI - outsider musician

Christmas 2000 People lined up outside Chiappa the barbers shop here in Barga, waiting for the chance to see Silvano Togneri perform his now famous song "YUPPY DU" Where else in the world could you possibly get your hair cut AND the chance to listen to live music of this calibre?
15th April 2002 A flying visit by Silvano Togneri to Aristo's bar in Barga Vecchia, left no doubts as to where he was on the music road; full steam ahead and pedal to the floor. Although not seen in public since Christmas at Chiappa the barbers, he soon had people tapping their feet along with his shuffling beat. He also showed that he can cut a mean riff on the guitar.

9th November 2002 First winter outing for Silvano took place this evening at Aristodemo's bar, still his favourite haunt when all is said and done.Two new songs were quickly recorded. In one of them you can actually hear the moment when his strong guitar strumming style breaks not one but two guitar strings. Silvano played on regardless.

Then in a space of 20 minutes, it was all over. Off he sped in his Ape and calm once more returned to Barga Vecchia.

Well done Silvano! In your heart you are a musician. It shines out. Keep on pumping!
6th December 2002 This evening found Silvano in an almost pensive frame of mind as he sat on his own with a guitar, a mouth organ and a bottle of beer for company. Be sure you do not miss the haunting recording of "venezia" or the slow version of "Yuppy Du" Silvano Togneri unplugged and breathing soul.
29th December 2002 The concert that the whole city has been waiting for finally happened this evening; Silvano and some of the musicians from the Barga Jazz Orchestra head to head. is proud to have had a hand in getting these 2 incredible songs in front of the public.


Question: What is Outsider Art ?

The concept and identification of an art of the untrained visionary was originated in the 1940's by the French artist Jean Dubuffet and labelled Art Brut. Outsider Art, is one of the terms now applied to the unorthodox creative expression of individuals outside of the mainstream art world.


Download the MP3 files of Silvano Togneri here:

  "My Way" 1.5mb
  "Yuppy Du" 1.8mb
  "Chicago" 2mb
  "my song" 2mb

  "Romania Mia" guitar 1mb
  "venezia" guitar 1mb
  "Yuppy Du _slow" guitar 1.7mb
  "mouthorgan song" 1mb
  "mouthorgan song2" 1mb

  "tango" mouthorgan .5mb
  "paperi" guitar 1.6mb
  "fattoria" guitar .7mb
  "train song" 1.5mb
  "pistolero" 2mb
  "guitar song" 2mb
  "boh boh boh" 1.8mb

NEW "mouthorgan_slow" 1mb
NEW "mouthorgan_fast" 1mb
NEW "mouthorgan_sad" 1mb

NEW "silvano jazz trio" 2.5mb
NEW "silvano jazz trio 2" 4.5mb





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