The Soviet national anthem sung in Barga Vecchia – v 3.0

The Soviet national anthem sung in Barga Vecchia

Alfred Moscardini comes from a tiny village due North above Barga – Sommocolonia (featured daily live on one of the barganews webcams) He is also a mathematician at the Sunderland University in the UK. He is also well known in Russia and the Ukraine for work setting up university courses. This afternoon he took time off from some of his travels and spent a quiet 30 minutes at what has become the cultural centre of Barga – Aristo’s bar in Barga Vecchia.

Except that when Alfredo is around, quiet is not really the operative word to use. Within minutes of sitting down to enjoy some of the rightly famous sheep’s cheese, local bread, ham and red wine, the air was filled with the sound of …… the Soviet national anthem sung by some of Alfredo’s guests .. a group of visiting professors, one from Egypt but the others mostly Russian and all involved in European projects for higher education.

Click on the link below to hear the anthem in Aristo’s bar sung with gusto

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