Organic Groove play barga jazz club

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organic groov eplay barga jazz club_1586 copyOrganic Groove at Barga Jazz Club – un gruppo che compie 11 anni di attività e di successi, capitanati da Peewee Durante alle tastiere e all’Hammond insieme a Luca Giovacchini alla chitarra e Matteo Sodini alla batteria.

What can we say about Organic Groove that has not been said before? For more than a decade the trio have been playing in the Piazza’s, clubs, bars and Festas of Barga.  We have been able to watch first-hand their musical evolution  as they have experimented with many types of musical expression but always, always with “the groove”.

Peewee Durante  with his unmistakable Hammond sound  onto which he has pasted the odd Moog,  mini Moog,  children’s toys and the various percussion instrument.  Next in line Luca Giovacchini  – one minute chopping rhythm guitar,  the next,  Django Reinhardt on speed meets Wilko Johnson and finally all held together and moved along at a cracking pace by Matteo Sodini on drums.


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