Organic Groove on and off stage

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This year they celebrated 12 years of music making and in Piazza Angelio last night they showed just why they have been so successful and long lasting and still manage to remain a fresh sounding band – The Organic Groove were in town . Peewee Durante on keyboards , Luca Giovacchini on guitar and of course, the powerhouse rhythm section that is Matteo Sodini on drums.

The secret is probably no secret really – they obviously enjoy each others company and revel in the music that they make. The enthusiasm and sheer joy at playing their music is infectious and brought smiles to the faces of most of the audience in Piazza Angelio.

At one point during their set they just upped sticks and moved off stage and into the audience reverting to an all rhythm riff, before moving inside L’osteria Angelio  and playing inside the kitchens on pots and pans alongside the bemused looking kitchen staff.

Be sure the watch both of the videos attached to this article to see the whole scene in action.


Organic Groove in Barga part 1


Organic Groove in Barga part 2

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