Chance meeting on the beach in Scotland

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A chance meeting on a beach in Scotland, once again shows just how small is this world as Paolo Marroni from Barga was walking along the Portobello in Edinburgh with his son Gianmarco and girlfriend, Jaqueline and he thought he saw a figure which he recognised… upon going closer it turns out to be none other than Hamish Moore – the Scottish small pipes maker who was artist in residence here in Barga during 2008 and then went on the found the very successful Barga School of Scottish Music Song and Dance.

Ciao Keane, come ho già avuto modo di raccontarti a voce, pochi giorni fa mi trovavo a passeggio con Gianmarco e la sua fidanzata Jaqueline sulla spiaggia di Portobello ad Edimburgo e ad un certo punto ci è sembrato di vedere una persona conosciuta che camminava sulla spiaggia. Incuriositi ci siamo avvicinati e ci siamo accorti che era Hamish Moore il nostro comune caro amico.

La sorpresa è stata notevole ed è la conferma che il mondo è proprio piccolo. Ci siamo dati appuntamento a Barga per settembre sperando che le relazioni con la Scozia possano avere un nuovo sviluppo. Ciao. Paolo.


From the giornaledibarganews archives – There are more than 50 students and tutors in the city this week for the first ever Barga School of Scottish Music Song and Dance. The school, held from 20-27 June in the Tuscan hill town these days regarded as the most Scottish town in Italy, due to the large volume of emigration from the area to the west of Scotland, is run by the piper and pipemaker Hamish Moore, who has been nurturing affiliations with Barga since he was musician-in-residence there in 2008. (articles here)

June and the Barga Summer School. What can I say? What work and what rewards. Thanks to all who helped in whatever way however small but special thanks to Martine Robertson who was a trooper, such an inspiration and willing helper on so may levels and in so many ways. Thanks also to Sonia Ercolini, without who’s input from the Barga end, this very special event would not have happened. Sonia’s creative presence was everywhere during the school and her help with all the daily problems invaluable.

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