Vegetable garden – work, work, work

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As we move into the second week of June,  the vegetable garden is finally starting to pick up speed  and things are starting to grow …  not least of which, the weeds, which are now starting to take over in a couple of places, most notably the potato field.

The top field with the potatoes is now looking a bit sad. The marauding porcupines, or whatever animal it is that is actually doing all the damage, have managed to dig up almost half of the potato plants.  Those that have survived are being engulfed by the weeds.

Time to get down and do some hard work.

The other small problem is that those weeds, which seemed to grow at an incredible rate,  reach up and touch, and by doing so, short circuit the electric fence making the field absolutely defenceless against the dammed porcupines.

Today I spent the best part of two hours weeding along the perimeter of the fence making sure that nothing can touch the wire over the next week or so.

This is not a new problem as we have been doing it every year but this year the problem has been highlighted by the fact that we put in a third wire much lower to the ground in an attempt to keep out smaller marauding animals but which means that as it is closer to the ground so it has to be cleared much more often.

Work, work, work.

The tomato plants have all, with the exception of just two, survived the drought period that we had earlier on and seem to be flourishing well.  Also looking good are the Grano Saraceno which are already flowering.

The various beans and peas are flourishing well and the zucchini are just about ready to flower.


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