How to grow high rise bonsai tomatoes

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I like to think positively hence I have changed the title and objective of this article and hey presto everything is a success.

The technique for growing successful bonsai tomatoes is very similar to that used for the upside down tomatoes, in fact it is exactly the same but  with the added advantage that they need hardly any maintenance, therefore you can spend more time watering yourself on the 19th hole of the local golf course rather that watering your tomatoes. Like golf the fewer the number of strokes (or in this case centimetres grown) the better, hence I can say that I have hit a few birdies and a couple of holes in one with this technique.

Gardening  is a very seriously affair and therefore I have been following this method to the letter, unfortunetely since the last referendum the cost per litre of a fermented liquid is likely to remain high compared to the more common unfermented one, hence any economic model will need to take into account that the “price per cm of tomato plant NOT grown” is very expensive and directly proportional to the number of hours of maintenance saved.

Note: The growing season is not over yet and as the supply of raw materials for the consumption of various types of fermented liquids and plate served nutrition is running low then the title may have to change again.

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