Cat gardeners

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No, not my gardening skills, I am talking about real cats, Luna and Tiger who in the past few months have been helping me out in the orto.

Tiger took a liking to the strawberries, she climbed up and somehow managed to sit in the bucket, in the end she got used to it and was happily swinging to and throw.  When I tried to stretch my hand out to pick one of the strawberries, she slapped me with her paw… hands of Tiger’s strawberries.

Next was Luna to get into trouble, I had put some fine netting up for the peas, Luna decided that it was great for climbing but soon got tangled up and was trapped in the net.  I managed to get her out but the peas will have to hold themselves up now. Better this way, I can deal with hanging strawberries but picking hanging cats would cost a fortune in vet fees.

They love lazing around the raised beds and this has proved to be more efficient than any scarecrow, although Tiger has been known to climb up tomato plants and attempt to sit on their branches, usually with disastrous consequences.

They both like walking up and down the planks perched above the beds.  They walk very graciously to one end, sit, look around and then after a while get up and walk back to the other end. This plank is not big enough for the both of us I thought, but to my surprise each cat has their favourite end which luckily doesn’t coincide.

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