Strike outside Aristo’s in Barga Vecchia

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There was already a good deal of polemic earlier on this week about Aristo’s bar in Barga Vecchia being shut during July (article here) The bar which is universally recognised as the unofficial cultural centre for the city, with many visitors to Barga making the bar their first port of call has been closed for the last 10 days as Marino takes a well earned rest and prepares himself mentally and physically for the rigours of the summer season.

This morning the technicians from Opera Barga who have been working solidly for the past few weeks preparing for their upcoming production of another rare performance, this time Act II of “Il Tigrane” (1724), scored by the Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi staged their sitdown protest outside the bar and voiced their opinions in no uncertain terms.


Strike at casciani (mp3)

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