Seamless High-Rise Tomatoes Seek New Home

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No I didn’t mean seedless, It’s not a spelling mistake, my high-rise tomatoes home is literally falling apart at the seams. The sun has roasted the canvas carrier bag that they have been hanging about in, it is now rotting to pieces. I called in a local tailor, but with no inside leg to measure there was little he could do. Demolition and relocation was the only remedy. The situation was drastic, a two meter drop into a premature state of ketchup was imminent.

As you can see, another danger is the small landslide caused by the banks of the bag giving way. This could cause the land inside the bag to slide sideways and out, putting in danger the orto’s ground floor residents, the Tropea onions.

A property search around the kitchen soon identified several possible new homes, ranging from a Eurospin plastic carrier bag to a wooden flower pot. After several viewings all agreed that the Woolworths cotton carrier bag would have the least negative effect on yield.

The help of a tall expert from down under avoided the use of scafolding for the restoration. Debagging a tomato was easy, but re-bagging proved to be a lot more tricky, especially as it was important to maintain its current upside-down position, but I am glad to say that after several minutes of careful re-rooting and very little pulp the Su-Go tomato now has a branded new home to grow old and mature in.

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