Piazza in Castelnuovo closed for Vintage 40’s -50’s show

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This Friday the main piazza in Castelnuovo Garfagnana was shut to traffic for the evening as the Cafe Centrale organise a very successful evening all based around the theme of Vintage 40’s -50’s.

More than 100 people, many of them dressed specially for the occasion in clothes from the 40s or 50s sat down together at tables set out in the middle of the piazza as they watched the concert based around the music from that era. Three vintage cars packed in the piazza added to the feel of other times and who better to entertain the crowd than Barga’s very own specialists of music from the post-war generation ?   of course it could be none other than  – Emma e gli Aristodemos.

The band played 25 gigs last year in and around this area and quickly built up a strong following but this year they have been more or less absent from the local scene – no sign of them at the Festa del Centro Storico for instance in Barga and so the concert in Castelnuovo was eagerly awaited by their fans. They  were not disappointed as Emma and her band pumped out some well polished classic Italian swing from the 40’s and 50’s right through the evening before finishing off with a much more modern number – a tear jerking swing version of  a song by the recently deceased Amy Winehouse.

emma e gli aristodeomo”s play Castelnuovo (mp3)

The band played until midnight and then as the sound of the music and the applause died down, the piazza was then lit up three mongolfiere thailandesi which drifted up in to the Garfagnana sky – once again to loud applause.

There is a considerable amount of polemic around at the moment about the use of these flame driven hotair balloons and the possibility that they could start fires in the bone dry countryside around … in fact if you watch the video they can be quite plainly seen bumping up against the buildings surrounding the piazza before finally breaking free and disappearing up into the night sky.

A parked police car at the far end of the piazza with two carabinieri inside seemed not to think that it was in any way dangerous as they stayed firmly inside their car and ignored the whole thing.

E’ arrivata in Garfagnana la follia della mongolfiere thailandesi. Ne sono già state avvistate due.
Si sta diffondendo anche in Garfagnana il pericoloso uso delle mongolfiere thailandesi. Ovvero di veri e propri aerostati di buone dimensioni (alcuni possono raggiungere i due metri di ametro) alimentati con una fiamma e che possono raggiungere anche i 1000 metri di altezza.
Generalmente vengono usate per feste ma in Garfagnana rappresentano un vero e proprio pericolo.
I primi a segnalarne la presenza sono stati il nostro corrispondente Matteo Ferranti e Francesco Bertoncini.- Riportiamo la loro cronaca:
“Ieri sera – racconta Ferranti – ho visto con mia moglie e miei amici un’ovale di colore arancione rosso che saliva dai boschi sopra Fosciandora e arriva circa sul Piano della Pieve per poi puntare verso gli Appennini (direzione Casone) erano le 23 circa”.
“Ieri sera alle 22.30 circa – racconta Bertoncini- sul cielo di Castelnuovo, zona impianti sportivi, è più o meno accaduta la stessa cosa: un oggetto simile ad una palla di fuoco che veniva verso la nostra posizione presumibilmente dal cielo sopra Torrite o giù di li, per poi fermarsi sopra Castelnuovo e spegnersi.
Inizialmente pensavamo ad un meteorite o simile data l’altezza ma poi la velocità e la traiettoria irregolare ci ha fatto pensare ad un pallone aerostatico o simile”.
Allertiamo le autorità competenti e ricordiamo che l’incendio boschivo è punito con l’arresto. –source

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