No-plant, Dig-only: Aspiring Little Greens People

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Many youngsters who are being forced-fed vegetables by their parents and overzealous school dinner ladies have contacted me to express their support for the NO-PLANT, DIG-ONLY vegetable garden.

Many have asked for more details on how to get their parents involved and maybe even start a school horticulture project with obligatory integration of the produce into school meals.

After reading about some of the alimentary dictatorships that these youngsters are forced to follow, I have decided to prepare an easy to follow DIY kit, hoping that it will help convince parents and teachers on adopting the NO-PLANT, DIG-ONLY vegetable garden, and hence make these youngsters dinnertimes less nauseating.

One 13 year old lad who asked not to be named said that his mum stands over him wielding a menacing “they’re good for you grin” until he finishes all the green looking stuff on his plate, although its even worse when his dad is on “Eat Your Veg Smile Duty”, that gaping sight makes even the blandest fish finger difficult to digest.

In addition to tooth picking greens, his dad is also a very keen vegetable gardener and so the freezer is full all year round. So full that his mum is constantly complaining about how much space they take up and consequently includes abundant portions in every meal, including breakfast, elevenses and afternoon tea.

To reduce freezer space demands his parents have recently started to make exotic wine and soft drinks. He already suspects that his weekly fizzy coke allowance is being spiked with pulped mixed veg, although not all is bad news, as he does think the wine will help to keep him away from underage drinking.

This lad sees the NO-PLANT, DIG-ONLY method as his only chance of salvation and lists three main reasons.

  • It will improve his relationship with his parents,
  • When it comes to taste – Not always something is better than nothing
  • He likes the light and airy taste of my vegetables

So, If you want to help a youngster like him, then adopt the NO-PLANT, DIG-ONLY vegetable garden now.

Order today, stating the plants you are interested in , if you don’t receive anything within 5 days then you can already start planting.

The NO-PLANT, DIG-ONLY method has already saved hundreds of suffers from that feeling of imminent regurgitation.


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Eric Smith
Eric Smith

While I fully support the no plant dig only movement you have not stressed the vital importance of continual digging or preferably paving over the patch. This is essential to members of my NO MOW – NO STRIM campaign.
Unfortunately I my wife belongs to the WEEKLY STRIM _ MOW lobby and I would welcome more support and advice from members of the NO MOW – N0 STRIM group.