Slow Economic Fantasy

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A few years ago I wrote the following  article  and hey.. my predictions have become fact… except that Europe didn’t plan it and instead of embracing it they are trying to avoid it.

Slow Economic Fantasy

Is a bigger economy the way to go? How much can something grow before it causes you problems. Just imagine what positive growth year on year would mean for your penis.
Great I hear the less fortunate of you say, a few percent extra would help with the family finances. But what would happen after a full ten years of steady growth, well besides the obvious: increase in the sales of baggy trousers.

Generally I think that we would all agree that a 120cm long x 50cm in diameter penis would be a hindrance for most old aged pensioners. I mean even if they managed to use it, they wouldn’t be able to afford it, it would cost them more than a month’s pension just for the condom.

So now that we have established that continued growth isn’t necessarily good what can be done to keep the economy going without constant growth.

The easiest thing that comes to mind is to grow backwards rather that forwards. We are already starting to do some backward growing (or planning should I say), for instance we are planning to decrease the amount of energy we consume, lower greenhouse gasses, eat less. So why not add a few more things to the list.

What would happen if Europe actually planed for a negative growth period in production. Actually I don’t really like the word growth, negative growth, positive growth so from now on I will use the word SLOW.

A slower economy, now that sounds nice, much better sounding than a negative or positive growth economy.

I would much prefer to have a slow and steady yearlong economy rather than the odd erratic increase in GDP. So let’s start with a nice and slow economy in January, followed by an even slower economy in March, a slight decrease in slowness near the end of spring, followed by an unhurried spurt to take us to Autumn.

So folks, let’s all slow down, I mean if you think about it the reason why so many of us run around so fast is to make lots of money so that we can then sit back and take things easy. So why not just take things easy in the first place.

Ps: I am not a great fan of Beppe Grillo but I am thinking of voting for his movimento 5 stelle, not because of the things that they will do, but mainly for the things they won’t do and besides we need the change, we need to have a reset in Italian politics, and this is the only way that is left to us.

Imagine someone coming over to your house and stealing from you, would you invite them in again, so why do you keep on voting for the same old faces who have done exactly that. The old political parties (Italian and European) have proved that they cannot change hence the only thing left is for US TO CHANGE THEM.

And besides I am fed up of wearing Baggy Trousers.

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