Time for the secret weapon on the vegetable garden

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Time for the secret weapon on the vegetable garden – rabbit droppings.

For a number of weeks there has been a pet rabbit living on the terrace here in Barga Vecchia.

In fact, sharp eyed readers might have noticed the rabbit cam that has been active on the terrace all this month (Rabbit cam is here)

In terms of organic fertilizer, it’s hard to top the quality of rabbit manure. Rabbit manure is extremely high in nitrogen and phosphorus, both of which are necessary for the soil. Many other types of manure are also high in nitrogen, but not all are good sources of phosphorus.

The droppings have been collected and will be used either after it has been composted or maybe we might even try mixing it with water and making some “rabbit dropping tea”  which could then be added to the soil in liquid form.

It would seem that there is conflicting information on the web as to the danger of  damaging plants by using fresh droppings. Anybody out there got any firm ideas on this subject ?

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7 years ago

You can put it on the surface for the trickle down effect, says the man, the same for fresh goat droppings.

7 years ago