15 minutes of fame for Barga

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A video of Barga which was recorded and then screened on Italian TV three years to the day  back in 2009 has just surfaced on the net.

It was originally filmed for the program Girotondo on Italia 7 but has recently been put up on youtube which will enable a larger audience, not just in Italy to get a 15 minute quick tour of Barga via their computer screen.

Included in the video are a short interviews with the Mayor of Barga,Marco Bonini and music in the background from the musicians sitting outside Aristodemo’s.

Regular readers of the giornaledibarganews might just spot one or two familiar faces including the Scottish small pipes maker Hamish Moore who was visiting the city in July 2009.



If nothing else, the video is worth watching in its entirety for the rather bizarre choice of backing tracks chosen to accompany a film about a mediaeval city in Tuscany.

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