Scottish wedding in Barga

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As you can see from the images, it was a pristine July day in Tuscany with not a cloud in the sky and temperatures up in the high 30s.

The Duomo in Barga Vecchia was the setting for a couple from Scotland who decided that Barga was the perfect place for their perfect wedding.

Just one look at the weather forecast for Scotland – Torrential rain could chaos traffic chaos and flooding across Scotland in the next 36 hours – with Edinburgh and East Lothian set to be hit hardest.
The Met Office have issued rain alerts for most of Scotland, including an Amber Warning of likely flooding covering South West Scotland and the Lothian and Borders area. A Yellow Warning of potential flooding has also been issued for Central, Tayside, Fife and Strathclyde
should be enough for even the most impartial observer to work out that Lindsay Thorburn and Antoni Guidi made a wise decision to bring their family and friends all the way over from Scotland to celebrate their marriage here in Barga.

Just one second, Antoni Guidi  doesn’t sound that Scottish does it ?

In fact Antoni  is a proud member  of the Bargo-Esteri clan with family members still living in Tiglio.

The pair were accompanied through the city by an old friend of giornaledibarganews, the piper Nick MacVicar  (site here) who has more or less made Barga his second home (article here and here) for all things Scottish.

The reception for the 80 guests invited to the wedding was held at the Villa Sognare  with musical  accompaniment from the The Groovy Men feat. Tizy


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