Barga Jazz Festival 2012 – Villa moorings – Pizza Lab – The Franchi brothers

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One of the highlights at  this year’s Barga Jazz Festival 2012  was the continuing collaboration between the Hotel Villa Moorings  and the Sciacciaguai restaurant  who between them put on the special culinary event –  Jazz for Dinner.

A perfect mix of  good food and quality live jazz music in the relaxing atmosphere of the liberty style Hotel Villa Moorings but this year  there was an added ingredient.  Maybe it shouldn’t be called the “cherry on the cake” as we are talking about a savoury ingredient but nevertheless it certainly was special as many people will testify as the clock moved out past midnight and into the early hours the atmosphere and fragrance changed as the Pizza lab run by the two Frankie Bros.  sprang into action.

Simone and Filippo Franchi  have since left Barga and returned  to Sydney Australia where they run their very successful company, the Pizzaparty –  (their website is here )  but the evening before they left they called into the giornaledibarganews office  and recorded  a brief interview  in which they talk about how they prepared and cooked more than 400 pizzas during the Barga Jazz event  in what was a tiny electric pizza oven.


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Also in the interview they talked at length about the differences they feel have taken place in Barga over the last decade –  some negative but also many positive and also their hopes for the future for their home town.





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