Hamish Moore preparing for the Barga School of Scottish Music 2013

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Isn’t it nice when old friends turn up suddenly out of the blue?  An old friend and colleague of giornaledibarganews  arrived in Barga this week for a very short visit before once again disappearing into the distance –  the piper and pipemaker Hamish Moore, who has been nurturing affiliations with Barga since he was musician-in-residence there in 2008. (articles here).

As you can hear in the interview at the bottom  of this article he was actually out of Scotland visiting the South of France to the establishment of Franco and Daniele Rigotti where he chooses and purchases his cane that he uses to make the reeds for his world-famous Scottish small pipes.

He is  apparently the last pipe maker in the world using natural canes for his reeds,  the rest of the makers having moved over to the far easier to find, use and play, synthetic reeds.

A short train ride from Nice brought him to Barga for a couple of days or so allowing him to time to scout for accommodation for his upcoming Barga School of Scottish Music Song and Dance 2013.

The first Barga School of Scottish Music Song and Dance  with more than 50 students and tutors first took place in Barga in 2010 ( article here)    Last year it was cancelled as there were problems in sorting out the accommodation but according to Hamish for 2013 it’s all systems go once more.

The final dates have still to be fixed but it is looking as though the school will take place during the first three weeks of September 2013.

While Hamish was recording his interview in the giornaledibarganews office,  in came the composer Michael Stimpson who  just like Hamish has been profoundly affected by the sound of the Barga bells.

Both have composed music based around the sound of the bells.

Hamish’s first public performance of the Barga bells back in 2008 ( article here ) and Michael Stimpson’s world premiere will be on October 14th at the Teatro in Barga  as part of the concert of music to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Pascoli. ( article here)

Two  totally different musicians and type of music,  one classical the other folk but both totally captivated by the sound of the bell echoing through the streets of Barga.

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John Skuse
John Skuse

David Blake composed a violin concerto in 1976 inspired by a visit to Barga. It was performed at the BBC Promenade Concert that year. David Blake made two trips to Italy and, on his first visited Florence, Arezzo and the hills above Lucca. He describes how his concerto is a generalised response to the campagna and the sculpture of Michelangelo in particular. “A light-hearted foil is provided by elements of Italian bel canto to which I was exposed in the idyllic town of Barga, where a festival of opera was taking place”. He continues at some length “Barga has a… Read more »