Artcambarga – Nicola Salotti – work in progress – v 3.0

Artcambarga – Nicola Salotti – work in progress

The second article concerning a new project which is just about to be released to the public in Barga Vecchia.

The name; ARTCAMBARGA practically sums up in one word the aims of the project, that of making public some of the art produced here in Barga.

During the summer months there will be 6 large monitors positioned in strategic places in Barga Vecchia.

These places will probably include: inside a studio window at Porta Reale, just inside Casa Cordati, Acchiappasogni, the main window of Vaso Di Pandora Concept Store, the Galleria Marzocco and inside the Palazzo Pancrazi

These monitors will be screening the work of 6 artists who have been filmed producing work specially for the project using a variety of mediums, from traditional canvas through to paper and pure digital marks.

Each film will last for just 30 minutes and will be on a constant loop for the whole time the project is running.

In the first article we published images from Paola Marchi, in this article we can see the behind the scenes at the filming of Nicola Salotti as he prepares work using charcoal and canvas in the studio set up temporarily in the Barga Jazz Club.

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