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Tonolo at Eno Jazz session at Villa Libano

enojazz recordings being downloaded by thousands of fans

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Pietro Tonolo was still playing at well past 2 am this morning in a packed Eno Jazz session at Villa Libano.

After a long day in rehearsals and then the concert this evening in the Teatro dei Differenti (article here) you would have thought that he and the other musicians would be ready for a lie down and a bit of rest before the next series of concerts ….  not a bit of it, they were all inside the Villa Libano playing like there is no tomorrow.

It would appear that this year’s Enojazz sessions have not just been well attended in person with hundreds of people now flocking to the Villa Libano each night to join in the fun but also the digital world has pricked up their ears as recordings from the sessions are being downloaded and listened to on a massive scale.

The recording on the 18th August (here) has now been listened to 1651 times and the one on the 22nd August (here) has been downloaded 2201 times.

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