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Green Room Portraits – selection

a dozen portraits from last night

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Another in the series of portraits which are being taken every night at the Eno Jazz after hours sessions at Villa Libano by  the photographers Debora Caterina Salvi  and Keane who are on hand to take a series of portraits of the musicians before and after they go on stage in a specially prepared setting  lit by Marco Poma’s lighting system. (article here)

Marco Poma has just recently exhibited his work using time worn wood and LED lights in the Palazzo Pancrazi (video here) not content with the success of that exhibition , he is now working on another project in his workshop/studio up on the hills above Barga which he is intending to bring down and show to the public later on this month.

As can be heard in the short conversation with Marco recorded last week, there is always a philosophical concept centered around his work  and as so often appears in his work,  the  joining and merging of old and new.



He has created a lighting system of seven movable bars, each containing a bank of LED lights  with which to illuminate a series of portraits of the jazz musicians who will be playing at the Eno Jazz sessions  towards the end of this month as part of the Barga Jazz Festival 2013.

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