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KTM riders stop off in Barga

20 KTM motorbikes arrive in Piazza Angelio

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A troupe of 20 KTM motorbikes roared into Barga Vecchia this morning and dismounted in Piazza Angelio for a well earned rest and replenish supplies before moving off once again later in the afternoon on the second leg of their tour of the mountains around the city.

The bikes were all with number plates from Oberösterreich, in northern Austria but as you can hear in the short interview below recorded this morning in the piazza with the person guiding the group, according to him, the riders were all from Germany.

Either way, it makes little difference, they enjoyed their time here in the city and according to Riccardo Negri from the L’Osteria, they will be back.

As you can also see from the included images with this article, he too lost no time in joining in with the bikers, even if the scale was slightly smaller.

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