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Betta Blues Swing Trio play Barga Jazz Club

something in a lighter vein from the Betta Blues Swing Trio

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Elisabetta Maulo has appeared on this site quite a few times over the years as she has been a regular vocalist at the Barga Jazz Club and also with various groups in the piazzas during the summer for the various festivals.

Generally speaking if you want to put a label on the kind of music that she has performed up until now, that label would be blues.

This evening she showed a new side, something in a lighter vein as the Betta Blues Swing Trio Took to the stage at the Barga Jazz Club, backed up by the implacable Luca Giovacchini on guitar and the rock solid Matteo Anelli on double bass.

Elisabetta Maulo – voce, chitarre e ukulele | Luca Giovacchini – chitarra | Matteo Anelli – contrabbasso

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