Small Crowds

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weekly words for the wise is back after a long gap

images from daily life in bargaAll the crowds have gone, the tourists have left, the square is empty, well, except for the locals who hang around all day with nothing better to do than drink wine and talk mushrooms.

Not that they did anything different when the square was full, just that they are more noticeable now that it is empty.

Soon one of the main hanging around places will shut for a few months, so there will be fewer places to hang around, hence they will be forced to gather and hang around together, and as by magic the place is crowded again.

I said crowded, well it feels that way, but technically it is more like a very small get-together in a very tight space. In fact if two or three people leave then it becomes comfortable again, if a few others leave then you start to feel lonely. Oh, well, it is a great feeling knowing that everyone in the place knows you.

One place I frequent is so small that we have had to organise ourselves into small groups and do shifts. I go between 6.00 to 6.30pm (never anyone there though) and my mate goes between 06.30 and 07.00. Actually the place is so small that even walking past the mirror makes the place crowded and gives you claustrophobia, for similar reasons it is not a good place to get drunk and start seeing double either.

Got to go now, it is nearly time to go out, and I don’t want to be late, otherwise might be someone there then.

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