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Villa Libano: The Green Room is open once again

the long wait is over and the door to the Green Room is no longer locked

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The Green Room which so captivated the local population last year during the Barga Jazz Festival 2013  – more than 700 portraits  (all images can be seen here) were taken by the two photographers, Caterina Salvi and Keane using the lighting project designed by Marco Poma, is open once again.

It has been a long wait with people filling the waiting room in the hope of getting past the locked door and into the Green Room but finally last night, the key was turned in the lock and the Green Room 2104 was open.

Poma’s first light creation during the Barga Jazz festival 2013 was based upon music but for this event, no longer a series of rigid vertical slashes of LED lights marking out a kind of musical score (article and interview here), instead he has created two voluptuous curves of light which can even change colour depending on the settings.

As can be heard in the short conversation with Marco there is always a philosophical concept centered around his work  and as so often appears in his work,  the  joining and merging of old and new.

All of the Green room articles and images from 2013 to 2104 can be seen here

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