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Barga’s Italian bar in Australia making waves

The Franchi Brothers, Filippo & Simone from Barga having been blazing a trail in Australia with their particular blend of making food and making music, mixing tech-house and a deep rolling fiesta affair, rumba time and now they have moved on to a full time permanent home for their talents - The Italian Bar in Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney.

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The Franchi Brothers, Filippo & Simone, left their beautiful hilltop Tuscan hometown of Barga with all its traditions of art and jazz, and moved to London following their instincts as DJs and musicians to discover the world through its multifaceted soundscape.

During their ten year stint there, Dj-ing, playing sessions in the capital’s many venues with assorted line-ups, as well as organising their very own brand of parties, they found inspiration and absorbed the influences of London’s multicultural melting pot. The city and its diversity eventually encouraged them, both together and separately, to continue their search and wander the globe for the best part of the following decade.

They built a life and set up a studio on the ocean side of Australia, spreading their energetic vibe in Sydney town, playing clubs and festivals and hosting the monthly “Beats&Pieces” party which has welcomed such guests as Luca Bacchetti and now they have moved on to a full time permanent home for their talents – The Italian Bar in Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney

Paddington’s freshly minted Italian Bar is a passion project by the Franchi Brothers, a DJ duo intent on bringing the music and food of their Tuscan childhood to their adopted hometown.

“In Tuscany, you can go to a bar four times a day, have panini for lunch, come in for coffee and back for a drink at night,” says Filippo Franchi, who along with brother Simone, is known for sets that layer tracks with live saxophone, bass and percussion. “We serve antipasti, pecorino and pizza as well as wine and a famous Sardinian beer called Ichnusa. You can eat all day and sit outside in the summer. It feels like back home.” – their menu can be seen here

Franchi, who plays jazz, house and Italian swing at the venue, believes that the impact of music on Sydney’s culinary culture is actually the most natural thing in the world.

“To appreciate what you taste you want all your senses to be working. When you add music, it makes the experience complete,” he says. – source

This month comes news that another of Barga’s famous sons will shortly be gracing the walls of the Italian Bar as the Franchi bothers have commissioned as series of images of Aristodemo Casciani, the legendary host and musician who played and entertained in Barga Vecchia for decades.

Shortly his name will be known on the other side of the globe as customers in the Italian Bar ask “so who is Aristo ? “

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