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The 10 pm bells are once more ringing out

Una bellissima serata ha fatto da cornice al ripristinato suono della campana della ritirata. A quel suono tanto caro a molti Barghigiani hanno assistito anche alcuni visitatori italiani e non solo.

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Last month we published an article (here) in which we quoted the fact that one of the ancient traditions of Barga had been renewed, much to the delight of inhabitants of the city – it was the ringing of the bell in the Duomo to let people know that midday has arrived  – this evening another surprise as the bell at 10 pm to call people back into the city was also rung.


There is always the sound of the bells at twelve o clock but this is rung by a mechanical system consisting of a large hammer connected by a system of wires running the full height of the bell tower in the Duomo striking the bell, but on Saturday there was the original system of the bell being rung by hand sounding out of Barga Vecchia.

Older readers of barganews will remember when this was done every day, twice day. Once at midday to tell the workers that it was time to stop work and eat and then again in the evening to tell them to return back to the city for the night.

Unfortunately the bell ringers who did this daily chore have all died of old age or retired.

Cristian Tognarelli has stepped into the breach and revived this old tradition albeit not on a regular basis but still the sound of the bells once more over the city made many of the older residents smile and look forward to the next event when he will once more battle with his competing emotions of his fear of heights against his love of bell ringing (yes, he IS a bellringer with Acrophobia who has to climb to the top of the Duomo bell tower to practice his Campanology)

video by Cristian Tognarelli

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