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The Lost Pole Gang from USA visit Barga

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

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The beautifully named “Lost Pole Gang” were in Barga Vecchia this afternoon for a brief stop over at the unofficial cultural centre of the city – DA ARISTO’s bar.

The “Lost Pole Gang” are a group of 20 close friends, mostly from Westford MA, USA who participate in hiking holidays together.

They are guided on their path by Joyce Minosh who over the past 11 years has visited Barga with various groups using the Hotel Villa Moorings as a base as they then walk up on a “pilgrimage” to Sommocolonia to pay homage to John Fox and the Buffalo Soldiers.

Joyce Minosh author and guide talking (in English) about the trip to Barga

Group travel builds social ties, which studies have suggested help protect against dementia. Joyce Minosh, a retired secretary from outside Boston, enjoys taking hiking trips with friends.

Her husband prefers to stay at home and play bridge, which is just fine by Minosh. “It’s great to go traveling with friends,” she said. “It doesn’t get any better than that.”



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