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Emma Morton + the Graces – pop up show in Lucca

pop-up performance of DIRTY JOHN

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This week, the Multi Award Winning Italo-Scottish band, Emma Morton + the Graces released their Confessional album Bitten by the Devil. A unique sound, offsetting the sweet tones typical to Emma’s Scottish folk heritage with the band’s shared passion for jazz, blues and soul, the band kicked off their Bitten by the Devil Tour throughout Europe, after an already full winter season of sold out shows throughout Italy’s theatres, clubs and festivals.

here’s their pop-up performance of DIRTY JOHN:
“Songs like Dirty John and Bitten by the Devil deal directly with the emotional and psychological scars left by the male figures I encountered during my early life, as a child and teenager. They are in a way, a sort of rebellion against the defeat I had let myself slip into, against the definition I had allowed others to give me, within these song I am able to confront the past with strength and knowledge and find my own sense of self, of justice and freedom.”Emma Morton.

Scottish singer-songwriter Emma Morton’s ascendancy through the European music scene has seen her work gain increasingly high-profile recognition. Emma has enjoyed reaching TOP 3 in the Italian charts, numerous television and radio performances, soundtrack feature releases, over 240K downloads on Spotify, and has collaborated and performed with international artists including Olly Murs, Paolo Nutini, Alejandro Escovedo and Glen Hansard.

Emma Morton’s dark, sexy and un-contained Confessional songwriting has found voice and a twisted mouth in her latest album project Bitten by the Devil, out on May 11th. The band’s debut record is a monomythic journey, where juxtaposing worlds of love and hate, fear and desire, oppression and freedom are exposed and celebrated by the band’s raw and psychotropic sound cocktail, fizzing with jazz, roots-rock and folk contaminations and all sung in Scottish dialect.

The album was written and produced by Emma and her band of Italian gut+groove-soldiers; drummer Piero Perelli and guitarist Luca Giovacchini. The band’s debut record is oozing with special guests and collaborators like Platinum Selling Artist Raphael Gualazzi, bashing the piano down in “Dirty John”, Gabriele Evangelista one of today’s hottest double bass players on the jazz scene, Grammy Winning Gene Paul and Sacri Cuori’s Antonio Gramentieri.

Bitten by the Devil – Confessions and celebrations of a contaminated woman

The darkness rooted in our past and present-day lives unites with the shimmering planes of exotic worlds and Americana soundscapes, which have been sparking our desires and imaginations through cinema screens and old record players since our youth.

The creation of this album was an important part of my personal emancipation from a past governed by oppression, violence and low self-esteem, – as a woman and as a mother, I got to a certain point in my life where I decided to wanted to love and celebrate myself a bit more. Throughout the process of writing and producing the album I began to regularly exorcise some of the Devils who for years, had held the upper hand over my head and heart. I began exposing and celebrating my flaws – not only in songs, but in my every day life. I started belting my war-cry and now I feel like I’m running full-throttle into the flames, cool as a fucking icy margherita.

As performers, Emma Morton & the Graces have definitely been around the block; Festivals, Clubs, Theatres, Television and Radio stations have all been playgrounds for them to push experimentation and “connection” – feeding off the interplay demanded by each audience’s unique and peculiar energy.

The Band; Piero Perelli (drums), Luca Giovacchini (guitar) and Gabriele Evangelista (Double bass) have toured worldwide with artists like Dana Fuchs, Vinicio Capossela, Bobby Johnson, R.L. Burnside, Frank Frost, Sam Carr, Pianco C. Reed, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Maurizio Geri and Francesco Guccini.

Emma Morton & the Graces pull you into their evocative and mysterious world full of juxtaposing experiences of love and hate, fear and freedom… Emma’s roaming eyes and deep febrile vocals charged as though each performance was her last confession. She doesn’t hold back… neither does the band, who in three, thunder and roar as if they were in twenty.” Moodboard Magazine, 2017.

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