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Giro di Boa opens in Barga Vecchia

a new fish restaurant by the Orsucci family

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Barga Vecchia is a mediaeval city with a protective wall surrounding it.

Its history dates back centuries long before the invention of the car therefore the streets inside the wall are narrow winding and sometimes steep.

Basically there are two main roads – one sneaking up to the Duomo at the top of the city and the other, Via di Mezzo which winds its way through the centre of the city passing from the main gate – Porta Reale to the other gate on the other side – Porta Macchia.

Quite often visitors to the city for the first time never actually reach Porta Macchia, turning around in one of the piazzas beforehand and backtracking to the more populated areas in the centre.




That changed this weekend with the opening of a new restaurant in Piazza Sargentone which has effectively opened up the whole of Via di Mezzo allowing people to view and enjoy a largely unknown side to the city.

We have to thank the Orsucci family for this new energy inside the Barga Vecchia and their new fish based restaurant the Giro di Boa.




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