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WØM FEST 2019 – Emma Morton & the Graces

The historic Villa Bottini, former home of Elisa Bonaparte and symbol of the city of Lucca, will host the third edition of the WØM FEST indie festival on the 7th and 8th of June, which this year will also present some of the best alternative rock bands Italian and promising young talents. In this edition, the spring festival organized by the WOM cultural association wants to focus attention on equality between men and women, dedicating the first day to concerts of female voices and the second to male voices.

Emma Morton & the Graces

The roots, jazz, and homespun Scottish Folk and Blues band, Emma Morton + the Graces are continuing their tour after a season of sold-old shows in theatres, clubs, jazz clubs and festivals throughout Italy and Europe.

They are currently promoting their album Bitten by the Devil, with guests and collaborators like Platinum Selling Artist Raphael Gualazzi, Gabriele Evangelis, Antonio Gramentieri e Grammy Winner Gene Paul.

“The best music on the Italian scene today” (Ernesto Assante, La Repubblica)

When I started writing material for EM+TG’s new album I knew it was time to stop trying to delicately sew sounds around me and count on glitter thread. I had to get deep into the mud, roll my sleeves up and start moulding my own dark sound shadow from the roots and tell real stories of my own hard times, heavy strides. Throughout the process of writing, producing and performing the album I began to regularly exorcise some of the Devils who had held the upper hand over my head and heart for years. Together with the Graces I translated these stories into the wild soundscape and wicked journey that is BITTEN BY THE DEVIL.

Luca and Piero have ancient souls, they know how to get in there and pull the raw truth out of me, colouring it on the way, making it glint from the dark.

Songs like Dirty John and Bitten by the Devil deal directly with the emotional and psychological scars left by the destructive male figures I encountered during my early life. They are in a way, my first rebellion against the defeat I had let myself slip into, against the definition I had allowed others to give me, within these songs I am able to confront the past with strength and knowledge and find my own sense of self, of justice, freedom and beauty – Emma Morton

Emma Morton: Vocals | Luca Giovacchini: Guitars | Piero Perelli: Drums


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