Wedding – Giulia Liberali and Matteo Moscardini – v 3.0

Wedding – Giulia Liberali and Matteo Moscardini

The semblances of ordinary life were  apparently evident today in Barga Vecchia as a marriage took place in Palazza Pancrazi in front of the Mayor of Barga, Caterina Campani.

But closer inspection reveals that we are still living in very strange times. 

Apart from the spouse and groom and two witnesses, there were only 15 guests present and all were wearing masks.

Most of the guests (again all wearing masks) were kept outside in Piazza as social distancing is still in order.

But nevertheless, a joyful occasion for Giulia Liberali and Matteo Moscardini  as they became husband and wife.

Congratulations to both from all the staff at barganews.