Graziella Cosimini returns to Barga Vecchia

If you put the name Graziella Cosimini into the search engine on barganews up will come many many articles about Graziella – a testament to just how important this woman is to the cultural life of this city.

On the 27th February of this year she shut the door of her boutique in Piazza Salvo Salvi and walked down the steep hill to her house in Barga Giardino fully expecting that the following morning she would be back once more.

It was not to be.

This afternoon, 115 days later she returned to open the door once again after battling with some serious  health problems and notwithstanding some of the architectural barriers in place from living and working in a medieval city on a hill.


Architectural barriers are physical features that limit or prevent people with disabilities from obtaining the goods or services that are offered. Common examples include: Parking spaces that are too narrow and/or lack an adjacent access aisle for people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices.



The continuing possibility of the Covid -19 virus meant that social distancing still had to be rigorously  adhered to Graziella was warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of the piazza all pleased that finally one of the central figures in the life of the city is once more back amongst us.


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