Barga, Italy to Glasgow, Scotland on a bike – v 3.0

Barga, Italy to Glasgow, Scotland on a bike

In this world of exaltation of nationalist sentiments, which find outlet in increasingly armored borders, the slow journey, which I intend to travel, wants to give voice and emphasis to the benefits of collaboration and sharing between European states.

The choice to unite through the journey, Barga and Glasgow, is not accidental but an emblem of two distant peoples but strongly linked by a tradition of immigration and emigration.

The journey, lasting 60 days, involves crossing several European states, such as Italy, Switzerland, France and England, through the historic roads that moved pilgrims from all over Europe, already from the year 1000.

The trip will begin in August, to be precise on August 6, 2020, with a cultural initiative that will involve the whole Barghigiana community and take charge of the city banner to be brought directly to Scotland. – Silvio Salvadori

Silvio Salvadori talking (in Italian) about his proposed cycle ride of 2700 kms from Barga to Glasgow

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