Serata Omaggio a Giovanni Pascoli – v 3.0

Serata Omaggio a Giovanni Pascoli

The evening for Giovanni Pascoli has since 1992 always be held in the gardens outside of Casa Pascoli, in Castelvecchio. but this year because of the covid-19 restrictions it was moved to the Piazzale del Fosso in Barga.

As usual, it was an intense show of high quality music combined with Pascoli’s poetry in front of a huge audience all seated with perfect social distancing across the Fosso.

Interpreting the Pascoli lyrics were Irene Ferri, Ivano Marescotti and Alessandro Bertolucci, while the musical part, directed by Andrea Albertini, saw the performance of pieces by classical and contemporary composers, which including Ennio Morricone who died  recently, from the Ensemble Le Muse and by singers already well known to the Pascoli public such as Linda Campanella, Alida Berti, Matteo Peirone and Roberto Iuliano.

As usual, the evening was presented by Luca Scarlini.

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