Barga Jazz Festival 2020 – Westcoast Street Band – v 3.0

Barga Jazz Festival 2020 – Westcoast Street Band

The annual jazz festival that is Barga In Jazz took place in Barga Vecchia this afternoon despite anything that the Covid -19 virus could throw at it.

Strict social distancing during the concerts at Villa Gherardi – controls on the temperature of all the people arriving at the venue and above all — masks, masks masks.

Maybe it could be that the jazz audience is by nature made up of careful people but just look at those images of the people  this afternoon following the Westcoast Street Band  through the streets of Barga Vecchia  …every single one wearing a mask.

Compare that to other images on the internet of people enjoying their Sunday in this area – very few seem to think that the mask is of importance.