JAZZ IN TOSCANA appunti su un progetto

“Jazz in Toscana” is born, a coordination of festivals, reviews, musicians to carry out innovative projects for the world of jazz. The project was born from the meeting of the best known initiatives in the field of jazz music that operate in Tuscany.

The preparatory work leading to the drafting of this project has clearly highlighted the potential of the system and how, through a “supply chain” action it is possible to achieve important results in terms of cohesion and professional growth, involvement of the public user, development of new artistic themes.

One of the themes that has aroused the greatest interest is to explore the potential that a correct use of web based technologies which could bring to events, addressing a wider audience and with new potential, forms of interaction on an artistic level.

The goal is that of a web platform that enhances the video content produced by individual subjects, offering them both free and paid information. At the same time, the project aims to ensure that all stages of the process take place in conditions of professionalism using adequate structures.

Jazz in Toscana – un coordinamento di festival, rassegne, musicisti, progetti innovativi per il mondo del jazz con il contributo di Regione Toscana – Teatro La Compagnia – Firenze

intervengono i promotori; Pisa Jazz, Barga Jazz, Musicus Concentus, Music Pool, Empoli Jazz, Siena Jazz, Midj Toscana

Intervento di Roberto Ferrari (Regione Toscana)
Prolusione di Francesco Martinelli
Intervento di Alessandro Rizzardi – Barga Jazz festival