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Duomo art installation vandalised

Back in September 2014 Barga had a strong presence at the 24 Waves with David Lynch at the Lucca Film Festival as at the official opening of the Festival there was the first performance with the participation of David Lynch – the American director screenwriter and producer – of XXIV WAVES FOR PIANO SOLO written by Massimo Salotti with an installation and musical performance using QR codes by Keane and a 3D printed cube from Alessandro Stefani (full article with video here)

The composition texture is articulated in a 24-track timeline and develops into a compositional structure similar to true polychoral. The twenty-four voices can be performed in their ordinary succession (monophonic) or, by overlapping of the same music tracks, in their infinite vertical combinations (polyphonic).

The 24 bell-chimes of the Cathedral of Barga are hidden in each track thanks to a technical mathematic process, marking the passage of time with inexorable force.

It was a one off performance at the Lucca Film Festival but the intention was always to move it outside and to another location in the future.


It took another six years to find that location but it was eventually found alongside the Municipal Museum in Barga Vecchia in sight and sound of the bells of the Duomo which actually inspired Massimo Salotti to compose the music in the first place.

In July it was installed and was used extensively through out the summer by visitors to Barga but it has now been vandalised with some of the ceramic QR codes being removed along with the brass name plate.

This morning the installation was removed – 24 Waves with David Lynch finishes here.

Stanchi dopo la salita al Duomo? Il relax arriva anche con la musica
Mattonelle con ”qr code” scansionabili con il cellulare Ognuna permette l’ascolto di brani suonati al piano. Si tratta di una specie di straordinario… “jukebox” fatto di tante piccole mattonelle che riportano ognuna un qr code. Sono 24 e sono scansionabili con il proprio smartphone, permettendo l’ascolto di bellissimi brani suonati al piano.