The Divine Comedy comes to life on the streets of Barga – v 3.0

The Divine Comedy comes to life on the streets of Barga

The Divine Comedy comes to life on the streets of Barga thanks to the “Corteo Dantesco” –  an initiative from the ISI schools to celebrate the year dedicated to the Supreme Poet.

During the day two processions took place – one in the morning, the second in the afternoon, both  starting from the school and then which made their way up to the Duomo in Barga Vecchia.

In fact, the staff and students of the ISI Barga  gave their commitment and time to this project which also involved the Pro Loco, restaurateurs and various associations in and around the territory of the Barga and beyond.

The entire historic center of Barga was  in fact dedicated to the Supreme Poet with the exhibition “Dante Pop” by Sandra Rigali, at the Museum of Memory (article here) , the presentation of the book “Lucca all’Inferno”, which dealt with the theme of Lucca, put by Dante into the Hell ring , but also a medieval aperitif prepared in the Conservatory of Santa Elisabetta and dishes inspired by the medieval tradition in the restaurants of the town.

“I would like to thank the institute and the young people who prepared the event to be held in our historic center, thanks for the energy you have put into it” said Mayor Caterina Campani.

Iolanda Bocci, from the ISI Barga, in turn wanted to thank her students and  also the whole school community that helped  in the realisation of the event: “From March 25th it occurred to us to celebrate Dante better, and a path developed slowly up to the summer period was born where we prepared costumes, props and acting. I thank students and professors for the enthusiasm put into this activity “