Moving a grand piano to a second floor apartment – v 3.0

Moving a grand piano to a second floor apartment

One of the many problems about living inside the walls of a medieval castle is getting goods to your door. The streets are narrow and steep in places as they wind through Barga Vecchia.

Most things are carried into the city by hand but moving larger heavy objects like fridges, tv’s and furniture all cause difficulties most of which can be solved by the use of the three wheeled Ape or a small tractor but this morning the special goods being moved into Barga presented a far more difficult series of problems.

How do you get a grand piano into the city and then up to the second floor of a 500 year old palazzo in Piazza Angelio ?

They slung some webbing under the piano which was attached to two shoulder straps and then the piano weighing more than 400 kilos was manhandled up the narrow flight of steps by the combined force of three very strong and experienced men.

After some back breaking and stressful manoeuvring  the piano was finally carried into place and reassembled in position in the main sala. It will remain there untouched for at least 15 days giving time for the ancient parts of the piano to relax after its momentous journey before the piano tuner will once more bring it back up to perfect pitch.